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Use Case Driven
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice
Get from use cases to working, maintainable source code. Examples use Spring Framework, JUnit and Enterprise Architect

Agile UML
Agile Development with ICONIX Process
A practical subset of agile development techniques, illustrated by example

Get Controversial!
Extreme Programming Refactored
Extreme Programming with a dose of satire
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Soapbox Articles:

Ubuntu: Getting in With the Grunge Set May 20, 2007
What happened when I switched from Windows to Linux. Sometimes, grunge is good!
Ruby - A Wave of Surfer-Dude Hype September 18, 2006
The hype around Ruby and RoR is hiding the fact that they're hardly ever used on real projects.
Automated Trading and the New Markets May 27, 2006
The reality of the new automated trading systems, and the profound effects they will have on the banking infrastructure.
Dopamine and the Uber-Nerd January 8, 2006
Good software engineers are well-oiled emotionally and appreciate a beautiful sunset. See, it's all about the dopamine.
Executive Dog Whistle May 15, 2005
The real message behind IBM's SOA/"Business On-Demand" marketing will only be heard by a select few.
Silver Bullets and the McManager March 28, 2005
If a product is claimed to make software development faster, cheaper and better then it's probably a silver bullet (i.e. too good to be true). But try telling that to your McManager...
Interview with Sun/NetBeans' Tim Boudreau October 31, 2004
We talk to one of the key senior NetBeans developers (and head of marketing) who is helping to reinvent the product in the face of strong competition from the likes of IBM.
15 Commandments to Curb Bad Programmer Habits October 3, 2004
Programmers often fall back on the "same old" bad habits, which can put a serious strain on the project.
Lookout Software Bought by Microsoft July 16, 2004
Great news for all of us, or just for customers of MSN?
Java Swing Survival Guide February 29, 2004
An 11-point action plan to restore Swing to greatness.
A Programmer Returns to China February 1, 2004
Dino returns to his favourite place, this time experiencing Beijing in all its brownness.
Outsourcing: Will the Internet Eat Itself? January 11, 2004
Most programmers who have lost their jobs to outsourcing have done so as a direct result of the Internet. It's sort of ironic, really...
The Performance Rating: What it is and Why it Sucks January 4, 2004
The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and why its relevance to the IT industry is vastly overrated.
What's Wrong with Annual Performance Reviews? December 30, 2003
The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and why its relevance to the IT industry is vastly overrated.
10 Things NetBeans Must do to Survive October 27, 2003
Why Eclipse and IDEA are zooming ahead, leaving NetBeans chewing cud contentedly in their wake.
The Cult of the NDA October 11, 2003
The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and why its relevance to the IT industry is vastly overrated.
Software Fashion October 5, 2003
"Real" fashions like bell-bottoms, miniskirts and afros aren't all that different from software fashions. But software fashions can have a bigger effect on your "bottom line" than a pair of hotpants...
A Programmer in China October 30, 2002
This article doesn't really have anything to do with software, except that it documents the recent experiences of a programmer. And it's an interesting diversion...
Never Go Back November 4, 2001
Would you go back to an old job? Forwards is always better - this article explains why.
How mad is your employer? October 28, 2001
Your manager might be making the most crackpot decisions of his career, but has anybody even noticed?
Spendthrift Companies Can't Stop Spending Money  September 30, 2001
If they're not spending money, they're talking about spending money - or telling their customers to spend more.
How to Deal With Bad Managers September 23, 2001
Everybody's Got One. Control your bad manager without bruising his fragile ego.
Bad Manager Personalities August 10, 2001
Just how many different species of Bad Manager are out there? We attempt to hunt them down, and classify every single last one of them.


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