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Use Case Driven
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice
Get from use cases to working, maintainable source code. Examples use Spring Framework, JUnit and Enterprise Architect

Agile UML
Agile Development with ICONIX Process
A practical subset of agile development techniques, illustrated by example

Get Controversial!
Extreme Programming Refactored
Extreme Programming with a dose of satire
Available now:

Extreme Programming

Links to Other XP Articles and Resources

Here are some links to other articles that cast a critical eye over XP:

The Irony of Extreme Programming (Dr Dobbs Journal, print version only, May 2004)
by Matt Stephens and Doug Rosenberg
This article sums up the objections to XP presented in the book Extreme Programming Refactored (but doesn't include the proposed improvements that the book goes on to describe in detail). The article stirred up some controversy on (including XP advocate Ron Jeffries' usual word-play and seemingly deliberate misunderstanding of our arguments).

SD Times: Not So Extreme Programming
An interesting "status report" on the uptake of XP in the industry.

Planet of the XPers
An excellent piece of satire: XP meets Douglas Adams...

Pair Programming is NOT Always a Choice
Kathy Sierra offers an honest and open viewpoint on why pair programming doesn't work for some people.

Agile Bridge Building
A gently satirical look at agile software & extreme programming development philosophies.

Information Disciplines, Inc.
Some insightful articles about software development. Check out the following:

Agile Methods and Torpid Programmers
The #1 Serious Flaw in Extreme Programming
The #2 Serious Flaw in Extreme Programming

Hacknot - The Deflowering of a Pair Programming Virgin
An interesting account about a programmer's experience with pair programming. Summarizes the good and bad points.

XP Exaggerated
Not really for or against XP, but good satire. Pointless and funny - just the way we like it!

XP: That Dog Don't Hunt
By Bill Walton, September 2002.
XP is bad business practice, because ...
(also see this response in defense of iterative processes)

Extreme Programming Considered Harmful for Reliable Software Development
By Gerold Keefer, June 2002.
A well written article that systematically picks XP apart.

Extreme Programming from an Engineering Economics Viewpoint
By Matthias M.Muller and Frank Padberg, May 2002, University of Karlsruhe

The Dangers of Extreme Programming
A term paper by Patrick Emery, May 2002

SD Magazine - a brief discussion of the "Case Against..." article
(Free registration required).

Comparison between Feature Driven Development (FDD) and XP

Extreme Programming Pros and Cons
"An exposition of XP but no position on XP"

Extreme Programming: What Questions Remain?
What's Written Down?
Limits of XP: Handling Constraints
Watts Humphrey: Comments on Extreme Programming
The Limits of Extreme Programming
Stephen Mellor: If you write it down, the (witch doctor's) magic will go away...

XP: Cutting Through The Hype (ZIP file containing a PDF)
By Doug Rosenberg and Kendall Scott.
An article that is highly critical of XP; appeared in ObjectiveView issue 3, a couple of years ago.

Will Extreme Programming Kill Your Customer?
By Chet Hendrickson, for OOPSLA 2001.
An open and frank discussion of the problems inherent with the on-site customer role, by one of the people involved in the C3 project (also one of the XP authors).

Eight Reasons Why XP Won't Work in Your Shop
By Bob Weinstein, July 3 2002, CNet/

XP: It's About 'How', Not 'Tao'
By Gary Barnett, March 2002, Application Development Advisor magazine
"This month, Angry Young Man Gary Barnett is stepping on the toes of some dangerous people - the devotees of the eXtreme Programming cult. Incoming..."

Questioning Extreme Programming []
By Pete McBreen, July 2002, Addison-Wesley.
Sets out to balance the arguments for and against Extreme Programming.

Extreme Programming Refactored []
By Matt Stephens and Doug Rosenberg, August 2003, Apress.
Seeing as I'm listing books about XP, I may as well include my own!
Goes into lots of detail about why XP is more fragile than agile; and also suggests ways to refactor XP's practices - to achieve its agile goals with less risk. Concludes with a completely refactored version of XP (derived from our analysis of XP's flaws) that should be applicable to a wider range of projects. >> More info

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