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Songs of the Extremers

Songs of the Extremos (Part Three)

Lyrics by Doug and Rob Rosenberg, ICONIX
Copyright 2001 ICONIX

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We All Met in a Project Called C3

(sing to the tune of Yellow Submarine)

Oh the project called C3
Was cancelled in-explicablee
Kent and Ron
Claimed victory
But at Chrysler
They didn't quite see
It was cancelled inexplicably
Inexplicably, inexplicably
It was cancelled inexplicably
Inexplicably, inexplicably


(sing to the tune of Let It Be)

If you think of building architecture
But you're feeling lazy
You can just skip it

If you think you might need infrastructure
You don't have to worry
Go ahead and skip it


Don't worry 'bout tomorrow
You aren't gonna need it


(sing to the tune of Can't Buy Me Love)

You say you want me to document
Well I'll tell you hell no
It's a waste of time to document
I'm not afraid to tell you so
Why the hell would I want to document
When I could be writing code
Just writing code
Cause its really all I know
No documents
No no no, no

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