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Use Case Driven
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice
Get from use cases to working, maintainable source code. Examples use Spring Framework, JUnit and Enterprise Architect

Agile UML
Agile Development with ICONIX Process
A practical subset of agile development techniques, illustrated by example

Get Controversial!
Extreme Programming Refactored
Extreme Programming with a dose of satire
Available now:

Java Swing
Swing's greatest threat isn't SWT, it's Flash
Swing Survival Guide

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Project Lifecycle Articles:

How to Choose a Cool Process Name November 26, 2005
A surefire recipe to get your own software process mentioned in books and magazines. (Hint: It's all in the name!)
Role Fragmentation November 30, 2003
Why IT administrators have become all-powerful demigods, throwing obstacles in the way of progress - and what we can do about it.
Stop the Press: Software Delivered to Schedule! February 9, 2003
What if software delivery were like publishing a newspaper? Testers would have a much higher profile for a start...
How to Make a Software Project Work January 4, 2003
Essential advice from someone who's been there. Success is not guaranteed - but these tips will help...
Fear of Non-Progress Updated September 5, 2002
Customers get the jitters if they don't see real progress. Trouble is, their idea of progress may not be the same as yours..
A Developers' Guide to ROI June 30, 2002
What every programmer needs to know about ROI (Return on Investment) - distilled into six handy rules.
How To Write a Functional Specification May 26, 2002
A decent checklist for the sort of things that should be included in any functional specification.
- by Dino Fancellu.
Research Projects March 11, 2002
How to recognise them, deal with them and survive them.
Obsolete Documents March 3, 2002
Change is a big part of project life. Here's one way to prevent it becoming a problem.
Extreme Programming (XP) February 3, 2002
XP offers a mixture of good and bad advice. Everyone else is talking about the good stuff, so we concentrate on XP's faults.
Development By Demo September 16, 2001
Perils of the software prototype.
- by Leslie Mills.
Ten Golden Rules August 28, 2001
The Ten Golden Rules for preventing your project from failing.
Processes and the Bad Manager August 26, 2001
- by Meryl K. Evans.

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