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Episode One: Rainbow Gun
... in which Analie dispatches her arch-nemesis Chester using a plot device given to her at least 3 scenes earlier.


Episode Two: Bugging Out

The Virus Hunters hide out in an abandoned subway station; but the virus writers catch up with them, and a brutal hi-tech game of cat & mouse ensues.


Episode Three: StrangeSpace

Trapped inside Analie's Zaurus palmtop, she and KarmaWhore2.0 set up an explosive honeypot, and meet a near-mythical Internet god snuffling around Port 80.


Episode Four: Emoticon Island

Chester infiltrates the team on a sun-kissed island with a Thunderbirds-style caldera and some hairy hobbit servants; and he springs a Lawnmower Man-style cybertrap.


Episode Five: MechaRipper

Notorious serial killer and all-round meanie Jack the Ripper is reanimated in a robot body, and the team discovers what Texan billionaire Hank has in store for Emoticon Island (something to do with rock bands and groupies).


Episode Six: Revenge of Custerbot

The team meets the mysterious Hagblood, who gives Analie the plot device that she used in Episode 1. And the two robots battle like it's audition day for an episode of Robot Wars.


Episode Seven: Saving Not-Amy

An ugly (i.e. evil) bloke holds up a brightly lit NY pharmacy; but Analie's reality-warping Ruby script saves everyone (except the ugly i.e. evil bloke). Then she buys some bath gloop.

Episode Eight: Doctor Uncle Denny

Doctor Uncle Denny administers some back-street surgery to the semiconscious Clingdog.

Episode Nine: Mutant Ninja Monkeys

Clingdog, champion pallbearer to Emperor Augustus of the Twelfth Planet of the Megaton Empire, fends off some marauding Simian Commandoes from the Purple Singularity.

Episode Ten: Season Finale

Special Double Episode:
Part I: Rooftop Apocalypse
Part II: Hank




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