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Originally, the idea behind Geek Fiction was to do a series of most savvy and erudite short stories with lots of dry wit and a sprinkling of brutality, swearing and pointless violence; but to make it really geeky, with references to things in "my" world (and yours too, I hope).

The end result has the brutality, swearing and pointless violence, but not so much of the savvy erudition. It's still good fun though, and not to be taken too seriously.

The 10 episodes in the "arc" are actually very closely linked. They don't all happen in chronological order, but they should be read "in order" for them to make any sense.

The story is set in the present day (perhaps ever-so-slightly in the future, "10 minutes into the future" perhaps), where normal things mostly happen but the technology, in the right hands, is virtually omnipotent. A hacker geek with a Perl script and enough processing power can bring back famous people from history, for example, and implant their minds in home-made mechanoids built from kitchen appliances.

Sometime when I get around to it (once all 10 episodes are published), I'll add a PDF and/or .RTF download to make it easier to read the stories on a mobile device.



About the Author:

(This is where I switch to 3rd-person to try and sound more professional):

Matt Stephens is a software developer and team leader based in Central London. He's been programming commercially for 15 years, and has co-written several books on software design - namely: the controversial, satirical and rather tongue-in-cheek (though with a serious message, and not the total XP-slamfest that some people think it is; sheesh, I'd better just get to the title, right?) Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP; the very serious but extremely useful Agile Development with ICONIX Process; and the brand-new Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice, which is printed in black and red and looks very nice for it. He's also spoken at several software conferences, and done a bunch of other stuff.


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