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Slots Example

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# default defines the base (template definition) if no other is defined for a page

# here we define a base called base(!), the page layout define in /base.jsp
# note how the title slot is set to a static string
# $WEBROOT is the name of the web context i.e. request.getContextPath()
base=base=/base.jsp,header=/header.jsp,leftnav=/leftnav.jsp,title="Base title",css="/$WEBROOT/default.css"

# here is another base, so far only used by /test4.jsp
# this time the title is set to the contents of /title.jsp

# This is popular base, due to the fact that it has been defined as the default base
# so when accessing /test1.jsp or some other page with no specific entry we get to use this base
colorbase=base=/base_color.jsp,header=/header2.jsp,leftnav=/leftnav.jsp,title="My Page!!!"

# Here is another base, this time subclassing base and altering title and leftnav, but keeping css and header
# The slash in the basename has no meaning, just there for descriptive purposes
base/basesubclass=base=base,title="I am a subclass base",leftnav=/leftnav.jsp

# And this base subclasses base/basesubclass, just to show that you can do N deep inheritance
basesubclass2=base=base/basesubclass,title="I am a subclass2",header="Not much here",css="/$WEBROOT/mycss1.css"

# Useful for when you want page definitions that don't have decorations, just slot values that are used in the page itself
# See /leftnav.jsp and /leftnav2.jsp

# This is a fake index page, i.e. when you ask for /index.jsp you are in fact given /test1.jsp
# Of course this is decorated with the default base

# This entry does not define a base, so uses the default base, but replaces a couple of slots
# Note that the leftnav is in fact another slot decorated page, not just raw jsp
/test3.jsp=header=/header.jsp,title="Hello there!!!",leftnav=/slot/leftnav.jsp

# This is another page that doesn't exist, but serves up different slots than /test3.jsp above

# This is the only page that uses custombase
/test4.jsp=base=custombase,title="TEST 4"

# /test5.jsp does exist as a page, but we serve up another page
# we also use basesubclass2, which has 3 levels deep inhertance

# We do 2 things here, inherit from another page definition (not directly from a base), and alter the css

# Here we say that every page under /subdirectory (and recursively) should uses these slot definitions
/subdirectory=title="In /subdirectory",css="/$WEBROOT/mycss2.css",base=basesubclass2

# A page that doesn't exist, even in terms of another page.
/test6.jsp=content="I don't really exist"

# Here we have definitions that are included elsewhere as slot values


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