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Slots Central


Slots is a tiny, easy to learn templating framework for servlets and JSP. Slots is free to use (free as in beer, swizzle sticks, freedom, etc), open source, and can be used in your own projects, commercial or otherwise, without charge. Feel free to modify Slots for your own projects.

Slots: An article announcing the framework and the reason for its existence.

Here's a live, example application created using Slots (the JSP source and properties file are included in the zip file linked below).

Here's the source code for the Slots 'framework' (if 2 classes can be called a framework!):

Slots User Guide - how to use Slots to create your own web application.

Slots Developer Guide - as Slots is minimal, it's likely that you will need to extend and/or customise its 2 classes for your own needs. Here's some guidance on doing that.

This handy Ant build script was contributed by Martin Samm.

Finally, here's a zip file containing all of the above (all 18K of it!). Call it Slots 0.1 if you need a version number... (by popular request, the product now includes this software license).


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