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Use Case Driven
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: Theory and Practice
Get from use cases to working, maintainable source code. Examples use Spring Framework, JUnit and Enterprise Architect

Agile UML
Agile Development with ICONIX Process
A practical subset of agile development techniques, illustrated by example

Get Controversial!
Extreme Programming Refactored
Extreme Programming with a dose of satire
Available now:

ICONIX/Sparx Public Classes to Come to London

ICONIX is planning a series of open- enrollment public classes entitled Hands-On Enterprise Architect for Power Users in collaboration with Sparx Systems.

Architecture and Design

Design Articles:

UI Leaps of Faith January 2, 2006
Programmers typically find phones too complex to use for things like transferring calls, unlike receptionists who can make the phones sing to their tune. A paradox, or the natural order of things?
The Oyster Gotcha February 13, 2005
Loved and hated in equal measure by London commuters, the Oyster Card's usability problems and many 'gotchas' can teach us a lot about our own software designs.
Agile ICONIX Process - Core Agile Practices January 18, 2005
A core subset of UML diagrams and techniques, wrapped inside a core subset of agile practices. Here's an overview of the agile practices.
Agile Development with ICONIX Process - chapter outline January 2, 2005
What's in the new book...
Perils of the Singleton October 17, 2004
Singletons have their place but can be much more trouble than they're worth, as this article explores.
Slots - a web framework in 2 classes August 7, 2004
Slots, a very simple web 'framework', was created as a reaction to the uber-complex frameworks that dominate the open-source Java world. Slots sets out to demonstrate that web frameworks don't necessarily have to be either complex or bloated with features.
Toolbars in the Dock August 10, 2003
The JIDE framework has been heralded as a sign that Java Swing user interfaces (UIs) are finally maturing. But their demo app is a prime example of how not to design a user interface...
Emergent Design vs. Early Prototyping May 26, 2003
Two almost diametrically opposed ways of developing software, albeit with some common ground. But which is the better approach?
Interface Design September 22, 2002
Improve your interface design, by first thinking about the type and orientation of the classes that you are designing.
- by Robin Sharp.
Domain Oriented Architecture June 23, 2002
The next evolutionary step in language and architecture? Domain Oriented software separates the business domain interface from the technical implementation; it also leverages code automation techniques.
- by Robin Sharp.
User Interface Design Should be a Team Effort June 2, 2002
The value of separating UI design from programming.
- by Ellen Ferlazzo.


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