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(:= Cthulhu's Corner

Workplace Advice From a Watery Grave

The mighty Cthulhu Himself finishes a Java applet

For those unfamiliar with Cthulhu, He is a moody, cantankerous God that was somehow imprisoned underwater. Thought to be dead for millennia, He proved everyone wrong by suddenly establishing a link to our World, via Zzzptm and more recently, here.

The mighty Cthulhu now passes His time by channelling us His divine and lofty workplace advice...


Articles From Cthulhu:

Advice For The Unemployed - Ways to Pass The Time December 2, 2001

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How To Look Busy (without so much as breaking into a light sweat) September 23, 2001

Intimidated by Your Boss? Get to Know the Snivelling Wretch... September 9, 2001

Inspiring Fear in Your Co-Workers August 22, 2001

Knowing When to Quit Your Job August 15, 2001


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