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ICONIX/Sparx Public Classes to Come to London

ICONIX is planning a series of open- enrollment public classes entitled Hands-On Enterprise Architect for Power Users in collaboration with Sparx Systems.


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Articles are divided into these categories:

Insightful articles about Project Management and Software Processes.

The Case Against Extreme Programming (XP)
Fear of Non-Progress
Obsolete Documents

The "how" and "how not" of Architecture and Design.
If you would like to write a Design article, please email me.

The Emperor has no clothes...
"Silver bullet" products are announced on a regular basis - products that will supposedly revolutionise the way you create software. We're still waiting for the proof...

EJB's 101 Damnations
Language Lifecycles
State of Web Services

Cthulhu's Corner
Decidedly tongue-in-cheek workplace advice from the cantankerous God Cthulhu.

Interview Advice ("Gag. Interviews. Ecch. Such a ballet of hypocrisy.")
Looking Busy
Inspiring Fear in Your Co-Workers

Article and opinions that may not be entirely serious in nature...

Types of Bad Manager
Open Source isn't expensive enough for corporate spendthrifts
How Do You Deal With a Bad Manager?

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