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About Software Reality

So what's this site all about then?
Software Reality showcases lively articles and debates about Software Development. These are mixed in with lashings of humour and drollery.

What Kind of Articles?

Mostly negative articles, to be honest. There is a growing transatlantic culture of no blame and no criticism, where the only acceptable way to critique your co-worker's work is to shower them with unconditional praise. Dare to criticise, and you're just not a team player (no matter how well-intentioned and helpful your criticism may be).

Almost as a direct result, criticism is increasingly being seen as a negative thing, rather than a tool with which to grow and improve both your character and your work.

Praise is good, too: but when it's over-used, its value diminishes.

With this approach of constructive criticism being a good thing, our aim is to expose the myths and the hype weighing down the software world, and to provide a clear and simple path to complete your project without falling into any nasty traps along the way.

To achieve this, we concentrate on various key areas of software development.


Agile Modeling We support Agile Modeling!
Software Reality is agile at heart - we believe that it's possible for a project to be "agile" without kissing goodbye to up-front design and design modeling. That's why we see Agile Modeling as a good thing.


A Brief History of Reality
Software Reality grew out of a satirical programmers' site called Bad Managers. Bad Managers was started about six years ago by Matt Stephens, with humorous stories about programmers' bizarre experiences at cowboyish softcos. All good fun.

In that time, the site progressed considerably, and has become much more than its original scope. That's why we have turned it into Software Reality. The funny stories remain, but the site is now much more about "how to" than "how not to".


Here's a useful overview of the different sections that are on this site.

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