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Agile Development with ICONIX Process

Agile Development with the ICONIX Process
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The ICONIX Process now has its own website, including a page on robustness analysis.



By Doug Rosenberg, Matt Stephens and Mark Collins-Cope
Publisher: Apress L.P.

A pragmatic collection of agile UML techniques, illustrated by example.

Available now from

Defines a core subset of agile practices and separates agile fact from fiction
Describes how to get from use cases to source code using a minimal object modeling process
Defines extensions to the core ICONIX Process, including: persona analysis/interaction design; and how to combine object modeling with Test Driven Development (TDD)

The ICONIX Process is an open, free-to-use object modeling process. It's minimal, use case driven, and agile.

This book demonstrates how to apply the ICONIX Process in an agile software project. It’s full of practical advice on how to avoid common agile pitfalls. The book defines a core agile subset – so those of you who want to “get agile” need not spend years learning to do it. Instead, you can simply read this book and apply the core subset of techniques.

The book follows a real-life .NET/C# project from inception and UML modeling, to working code—through several iterations. You can then go on-line to compare the finished product with the initial set of use cases.

The book also introduces some extensions to the core ICONIX Process, including how to combine Test-Driven Development (TDD) with up-front design to get the best out of both approaches (with examples using Java and JUnit); and using persona analysis to drive the project’s goals and reduce requirements churn.

What's in the Book?

Who should read this book?

If you're a project manager and want to introduce some agile practices into your project, this book provides a useful starting point
If you're a programmer or architect, this book provides the technical details you need to get agile
If you're wondering how to combine the latest agile techniques with more traditional up-front requirements analysis + design to increase the likelihood of your project succeeding, then this book is for you!

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